Mandatory vaccination: Dubé protects a difficult but necessary result | Corona virus

Minister Dube explains it This is not an easy decisionBut it is necessary to continue the efforts to combat Govt-19. He follows the initial concept of public health.

The arrival of the 4th wave puts us in front of this stage and we will act

A quote:Christian Dube, Minister of Health and Social Services

Above all, the minister says he wants to protect vulnerable people. To achieve this, the vaccine is mandatory for all partners in the public or private health network to communicate for more than 15 minutes per patient, he explained.

Employees who have not yet been vaccinated must receive their two doses by October 15, otherwise they will be transferred or suspended without pay.

In the context of the network Very busy, The Minister of Health wants to avoid Interval in service Caused by explosions in these systems. In the first wave, he recalled, health workers were 9 times more likely to be infected than the general public.

Vaccination rates Exceptional, But not enough

Currently, 91% of workers in the public health network receive the first dose and 86% of their two injections, according to Health Ministry figures.

Despite the exceptional figures, we want to continue to increase our rate, The minister notes, because 9% of workers in the public network do not have adequate vaccination, which represents about 30,000 people.

Christian Dubey admits he fears the move could lead to the departure of some useless workers. Yes, there may be a risk of losing some, but the goal is to provide a better environment. [au personnel de la santé et à leur famille], He agrees. That’s why we delayed that decision as much as possible.

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Federation of Health and Social Services, Federation of National Trade Unions (FSSS-CSN), Its Already pronounced Considering the high vaccination rate of health workers, calling it exaggerated.

The Central Union participates in the Commission, including some twenty speakers Opposition parties And National Director of Public Health, Horacio Arruda.

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