A misunderstanding and a call to mobilize to fund Sudbury University

A misunderstanding and a call to mobilize to fund Sudbury University

The announcement to defund Ontario’s University of Sudbury has gone down badly with Fabien Hébert, president of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO). Friday afternoon.

It is really bad faith on the government’s part to make this announcement, then avoid asking questions, and block the opportunity for debate.He says.

Mr. According to Hebert, the decision is still surprising, as it contradicts previous discussions between the government and the government.AFO.

All the indicators we had based on our political discussions gave us a message to move the project forward. We never had any doubts about that. »

A quote Fabian Hébert, Legislative President of Francophonie Ontario

Chairman ofAFO A commonality is seen in the case of the Université de l’Ontario français, whose funding was also – temporarily – abandoned by the Ford government.

Fabian Hébert, Legislative President of Francophonie Ontario

Photo: Radio-Canada / Chris St-Pierre

We see the Ontario government pulling the rug out from under the Francophone community in the Mid North. It’s actually a very similar situation.He explains.

Canada’s official languages ​​minister, Jeanette Petitpass Taylor, also expressed her disappointment on Twitter on Friday. For her, it is Our Francophone minority communities are essential to establishing strong institutions.

Former Laurentian students react

Two years after experiencing the unfortunate events of the cancellation of his program at Laurentian University, and five years after witnessing the mobilization surrounding the abandonment of the Université de l’Ontario français program by the Ford government, now, Marie-Pierre Héroux, a master’s student in history at the University of Ottawa, reacted strongly to the news.

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I’m disappointed, frustrated, the community has been hearing this for a long time. All I heard between branches were positive responses from the province, so it was only a matter of time before we got funding.she says.

Mrs. Heroux draws a parallel between the announcement and that of the University of French Ontario, and hopes those disappointed by the government’s decision will rally.

I am calling for community mobilization because we have seen in 2018: One of the reasons that led the government to reconsider its decision is the response and mobilization of the community to that message. »

A quote Marie-Pierre Héroux is a graduate student in history at the University of Ottawa

Philippe Mathieu, who signed a letter with Marie-Pierre Héroux in support of the University of Sudbury this spring, is disappointed with the outcome.

This is very disappointing, but it is clear in a certain sense that the provincial government is not prioritizing the francophone issue.He says.

Now a substitute teacher, Mr. By interacting with students, Mathieu sees even more need for post-secondary institutions in French.

If a specific French offering is not here, it will make the results more difficult for students. Me, I find it a little more difficult to decide what to do if they want to study in FrenchHe explains.

Portrait of Philippe Mathieu.

Philip Mathieu is a substitute teacher.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Aya Dufour

He requested the government to take into consideration the demands of the community.

I hope the government will continue to listen to what we have to say here. Let’s proceed with the necessary steps to make this beautiful university see the light of day and open its doors, soon, hopefullyhe said.

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He believes that there can be a mobilization in this direction and confirms itOf course there may be some, let’s say opinions on this are very strong. I don’t think we’re really that far away from that.

Misunderstanding on campus

Olivier Bonin-Ducharme, representative of the Faculty of Arts of the Francophone Student Association of the University of Laurentian, says. Shocked By government decision.

I am very disappointed that we are going down this path, especially since the University of Sudbury program has had support everywhere in the province and out of the province.he said.

Two people take a photo together.

Olivier Bonin-Ducharme (right) is a student at Laurentian University.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Aya Dufour

He draws a parallel between the government’s arguments and those used to cut French language programs at Laurentian University in 2021.

This is the argument we’ve heard a lot lately, especially from Laurentians. We had the same excuses for cutslaments that.

He hopes that a dialogue can take place to establish a university.

I look forward to the dialogue between Laurentian University and Sudbury University. I hope that we can continue to talk between companies, and then I hope that the dialogue between different levels of government will continue as well.He adds.

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