Disciplinary action against the President of the Police Association: “There are limits” Labyum Capital | News | The sun

In the letter, the head of the FPPVQ denounced the absence of police personnel assigned to oversee Victoria Park during the May 28 banquet, which was drowned by two armed attacks.

“We are dealing with two things: the security of the police and the security of the people. […] We never saw it, what we saw there. God knows we had a union when I was mayor [des policiers] That’s something, isn’t it? But this kind of intervention, we have never seen it, ”Rockis Labyum told a news conference at the new YMCA in Saint-Roche.

“It’s not harassment, it can’t be at a particular moment,” he added.

On June 4, the city of Quebec filed an application to issue a defense order against the head of the FPPVQ, an interim and permanent injunction relating to a famous letter sent specifically to two elected municipal officials.

The city’s attempt to obtain a security injunction on June 14 failed to apply for a permanent restraining order on the qualifications, and the High Court ruled that the tribunal was not in a hurry to intervene, thus “disclosing public information about the operational, tactical or strategic actions of the police service that cease to issue statements”.

“Evidence has not been established that the defendants are willing to release information in violation of their obligations,” Judge Contin wrote.

According to Martin Fordier, the procedures followed by the city are nothing more than “relentless”, which aims to silence her as head of the FPPVQ. With Érika Bisaillon

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