A New Zealand man has been fined for trying to hit an orca

A New Zealand man has been fined for trying to hit an orca

(WJW) – A New Zealand A man is facing fines after a video surfaced on social media a few months ago of someone trying to hit a killer whale.

According to the New Zealand Department of Conservation, the investigation stemmed from a video posted on Instagram in February.

The video, taken off the coast of Devonport, Auckland, shows a man jumping from a boat in what appears to be an attempt to land on the killer whale or “slam” it into the water.

“I touched him!” The man said in the video, followed by cheers and laughter from others on the plane.

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The 50-year-old suspect faces a $600 fine.

Conservation Department Share the video on Facebook this week. DOC lead investigating officer Hayden Looper said the video left them stunned, describing the behavior as “shocking” and “stupid”.

“Orcas are very powerful animals, and it could have ended horribly — either with the stunned whale injured, or the man responsible being harmed by the aggravated animal,” Loper said in a statement. press release. “It is a very clear violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Killer whales are classified as whales under conservation legislation, and it is illegal to swim with whales or to disturb or harass any marine mammal.

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According to the Conservation Department, There are approximately 150 to 200 orcas around the New Zealand area. NOAA Fisheries There are reportedly about 50,000 killer whales, known as the “top ocean predator,” in the world.

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The Ministry urges anyone who witnesses similar situations or any incident that violates New Zealand’s environmental conservation legislation to contact the authorities.

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