Duranceau introduced his bill restricting deportations, which provided for a 3-year grace period.

Duranceau introduced his bill restricting deportations, which provided for a 3-year grace period.

The bill, tabled by the minister in charge of housing France-Alain Duranzo, proposes a 3-year moratorium on evictions until the housing crisis subsides. As requested by Qu├ębec solidaire, the protection offered to low-income seniors will be extended to those 65 years and older.

The CAQ MP for Bertrand tabled his Bill 65 on Wednesday morning to “restrict landlords’ right to evict and strengthen protections for elderly tenants”.

The legislative document takes up part of a bill put forward by Quebec Solidaire that aims to extend the “Francois David” law to prevent the eviction of an elderly person aged 65 and over for 5 years and over.

In order to protect more senior citizens, the calculation of income that entitles them to this protection will be revised. About 24,000 families are expected to benefit from this move.

Until legislative changes are adopted, this coverage is reserved for those aged 70 and over who have lived in their home for 10 years or more.

Prohibition period

The minister responsible for housing is also proposing a temporary moratorium on evictions of all tenants for a maximum of 3 years or until the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows a vacancy rate of less than 3% across Quebec.

“I want to protect everyone in Quebec, not just seniors, but all citizens, because the housing crisis affects everyone,” the housing minister explained during a press scrum in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The moratorium will come into effect once the bill is approved. However, Quebec, meanwhile, wants to avoid a race for relegation. So the interim measures will come into effect from today, till it is accepted. In other words, unless there is a common agreement with the tenant, it will be more complicated for a landlord to carry out an eviction even if Bill 65 has not yet been adopted.

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However, eviction claims are not subject to the statute of limitations. Therefore, it is always possible for a property owner to file a claim with the Administrative Housing Tribunal to evict a bad tenant.

The bill also does not target housing repossessions, meaning a landlord would still be able to force a tenant to move out to make room for a tenant, parent or child who is over 65 and has a low income. Unless the person we want to rehome is a low-income senior.

Public relations function

Ms. PQ MP Joel Arseneau sees this as rehabilitating the minister’s ‘image’ as a puritanical “public relations agency” as Duranceau has for months “stubbornly and doggedly” defended against more seniors deportations. .

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