April 15, 2024

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A teacher at a high school in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal has been stabbed

A visual arts and music teacher at a high school in the Saint-Michel district was stabbed by a 16-year-old student Thursday morning, causing a stir among many parents and young people in the area.

John F., located on Villerie Street. A 40-year-old teacher at Kennedy English High School was teaching in front of his class when a 16-year-old student broke into his classroom at 10:10 a.m. and stabbed him. On the upper body with a sharp object.

The teacher was then taken to hospital with minor injuries and treated. Do not be afraid for your life. 3 studente High school year, suspected of having the origin of this conflict with no criminal history, for its part, was quickly arrested by police outside the building and taken to the interrogation center, where he is cooperating with police. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“This student has a moral disorder,” he said To Michael Cohen, spokesman for the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), when met at the site late in the morning. But the administration never thought this student would act in a “dangerous or violent” way, he added.

As a result of the argument, an alarm rang in the school building and students were locked inside the building for several hours, anxious parents waiting outside. “Why babysit children? We’re worried, we want the kids to go out,” stressed Rui Pereira, who was expecting his 14 – year – old son out of school in particular. Downstairs, they took their children.

Students in shock

Giuliano Bizdikian, 5 year old studente Intermediate, he told the media when he left school early in the morning. “I think what happened was horrible. My music teacher was attacked, it was horrible,” the young man said, adding that he was shocked that one of his favorite teachers was attacked this way.

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“He’s very good, so it’s scary to see him being attacked like that,” he added. Although his class was far from where the attack took place, he remembered hearing the student “scream and scream”.

“It was shocking and I was scared, but I stayed with my friends and it went well,” the student said, as he was assured by his teacher.

In order to support the students of this high school with more than 400 students, a team of psychologists and social workers was soon established on the site, Mr. Cohen said. The latter was shocked by the event.

A spokesman for the EMSB said: “This is a shocking reaction. It is the first time in 23 years that I have served on a school board and it is something like this.

Less safe environment

Many parents find that their environment is less and less secure for them.

“In my lifetime, I’m not in this school, I would never have imagined facing a situation like this,” Giovanna Figliulo said, raising her daughter John F. Kennedy attends Secondary 1 at the school, where he even did a part. His academic career.

The controversy comes less than a month after the death of 16 – year – old Thomas Trudeau, who was shot near 20 crossroads.e Avenue and John Villare, John F. in St.-Michael County. Some blocks from Kennedy School.

“When I was a kid, you could walk the streets without fear of being attacked by someone. But today, things are very different, ”sighed Judith Rochelle, the daughter of two students at this high school. He said security should be strengthened at this school.

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In the National Assembly, the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, John F. Kennedy announced that the school’s youth will receive all the psychological support they need. Assured that the teacher’s life was not in danger.

“We have an incident which is very serious and could have been dramatic,” the minister said. Guns are more prevalent in schools than ever before, and we should not think that sending our child to school is dangerous. “

Mr. Roberg confirmed that the climbing curve in the presence of weapons in the school environment does not yet exist.

“There may be students this week as there were two or three years ago, some are trying to bring in, I know schools are fighting that,” he said, unable to give statistics of events.

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