[À VOIR] A motorist crashes into a pram in Outremont and flees

[À VOIR] A motorist crashes into a pram in Outremont and flees

Montreal police are investigating a hit-and-run that allegedly involved a car hitting a stroller in the Outremont neighborhood last Wednesday.

“I heard a big bang and people screaming. I rushed to make sure the baby was okay. “When I turned around, the car was gone,” said Moshe Scheiner, who volunteers with Hatzolo, the Montreal Jewish community’s emergency medical group.

“The baby was well secured in the stroller, it’s a miracle nothing happened to him,” the father of a large family gives up.

He says four people saw the scene, including an Outremont Borough employee and a woman carrying a stroller.

The latter, not the mother, but the babysitter, Mr. According to Sheiner, he is still in shock.

Surveillance camera

The disturbing events, which took place on November 16 around 2:40 pm, were recorded on a surveillance camera.

At the intersection of Bloomfield and Lajoie streets, we see the driver avoid a mandatory stop and speed toward a woman crossing the street with a coach.

At the last second, the woman drives away from the black car, but is apparently hit in the head by the stroller and thrown several times.

“When the police arrived, the child was already brought to the hospital center by Argens-Sande,” explained Jean Drouin, spokesperson of the SPVM, however, the toddler was not injured.

Mr Scheiner hopes the driver will be arrested and unable to drive again.

“There are a lot of big families nearby and children crossing the street. It is not safe,” says the father.

Witnesses met

“I am shocked after watching this video. I am in contact with SPVM and hope they can identify the driver of the vehicle soon. Despite all this, I am relieved to know that the child is fine,” Laurent Desbois, mayor of the borough of Outremont, responded on Twitter on Tuesday evening.

Witnesses were interviewed and surveillance videos were viewed to shed light on these events.

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