Abduction of a girl in Laval | Two men were charged with forcible imprisonment and assault with a weapon

Abduction of a girl in Laval |  Two men were charged with forcible imprisonment and assault with a weapon

Two youths are facing several charges, including forcible detention and assault with a weapon, in connection with the abduction of a 17-year-old boy in Laval on Wednesday evening.

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Midwinrick-Rockley Badette and Mohamed Jbara were in fact formally charged on Thursday “abducted, imprisoned or forcibly seized”, but “occupied a motor vehicle where they knew there was an unlicensed weapon”, in a legal document. Press In the afternoon.

It is suspected that the two accused drove the vehicle “while being pursued by a peace officer” and failed to stop in real time, without just cause.

The two youths have also been charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a firearm “without authorization” and possession of a weapon “for a purpose endangering public peace”.

For now, the accused will be remanded in custody as the trial for their release has been adjourned till Friday, the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DPCP) has confirmed. In the meantime, they are prohibited from communicating with the victim for any reason or for any reason.

The third culprit in this case is a minor. The charges against him are unknown. The Youth Court is responsible for his case.

On Wednesday evening, the victim, a 17-year-old man, was in the parking lot of a business establishment on the corner of Highway 440 and Boulevard to Q-Label when three suspects approached him in a vehicle and “forced him into their car.” This was reported in the evening by the lieutenant in the public affairs of the Service de Police de Laval (SPL), Genevieve Major, the suspects then proceeded to Highway 440 towards Montreal Island.

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After being caught by patrol officers and refusing to stop the suspicious vehicle, the SPVM began to pursue the area for about 5 minutes. The driver of the vehicle was parked near the Jean-Dalan market, 20 km from where he was last abducted.

All three suspects tried to escape on foot, but were eventually arrested. Authorities found the victim inside the vehicle. She was not injured.

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