Health activities: $ 45 million fine in Quebec

This is according to data compiled by the Judiciary between April 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

Authorities have also tightened the screws further over the past year. In 2021, Quebec police officers issued 26,431 criminal reports to individuals, companies or businesses related to health activities. This is 6 times more than the 4,017 reports submitted in 2020, totaling $ 5.8 million.

Number of reports announced in 2021

  • Montreal: 8057
  • Terrephone: 2038
  • Quebec: 1938
  • Laval: 1058
  • Catino: 973

A number of reasons could be explained, such as a significant increase in the number of inventions by 2021, and the inclusion of certain measures such as a curfew order. Criminal lawyer Rabeeh Habib also notes the growing irresponsibility among the people.

We find that people are very tired and they have less patience, he said. We can actually see that the behavior of individuals has changed. We see more resistance than the first wave.

Challenges before the court

Rabeeh Habib represents many who have decided to contest their seat. He notes that due to legal delays, the courts did not begin hearing these cases until last September.

We are now beginning to hear cases related to health activities. This is the latest, yet new law.

A quote Rabeeh Habib, lawyer on behalf of the protesters

According to him, Quebecs who want to compete for a violation received in connection with health measures will have to wait more than a year to receive a trial date.

More details will come

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