Access to the city center during the Pope’s visit

Access to the city center during the Pope’s visit

Pope Francis’ visit at the end of July will disrupt travel in the capital, but the mayor promises the city will remain accessible with two “highly restricted” security perimeters in Old Quebec.

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We will be far from the security measures and broad perimeter of the G7 summit that Bruno Marchand testified on Thursday.

Photo QMI Agency, René Leclerc

“We want people to come to town. We don’t want it to be a perception that the city is ruined, there’s nothing to do, we have to leave the area. It won’t be like that. This is an unusual event, which happens rarely in the life of a city, but with the quality of services, we will ensure that people can access their city. »

City officials, the Capital Transport Network (RTC), the police and the Diocese worked out the logistical aspects of the Holy Father’s visit. Its proceedings will be broadcast on giant screens in the plains, behind the Armory and near the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo QMI Agency, René Leclerc

Restricted perimeters

Martin Bolduc, commander of operational support for the Quebec City police service, indicated that only two highly restricted security perimeters would be established around the basilica.
Around Notre-Dame Cathedral and Cathedral.

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Only a few citizens should be authorized to travel, he said.

The town hall, across the street, is not included in the perimeter, Mr. Marchand said.

“No business will close its doors, everything will be put in place to ensure free movement. »

Photo QMI Agency, René Leclerc

However, we advise that it is necessary to provide temporary restrictions on the Pope’s movement corridor between the airport and Old Quebec.

Mr. Bolduc noted.

Prioritize communication

Therefore, the city asks citizens, visitors, tourists and workers in the affected area to plan their trips on the two days of July 27 and 28 to use telecommunications and public transportation.

RTC will experience some “disruptions” to its regular service, but “routes will get people to the event as much as possible,” said Jocelyn Hebert, RTC service delivery manager.

An event shuttle service will be set up with complimentary parking. Locations and times are yet to be determined.

In these areas in pink, corresponding to the corridors of the Pope's movement, it is necessary to expect temporary obstacles to traffic, the time of the passage of the procession.

Photo courtesy of Quebec City

In these areas in pink, corresponding to the corridors of the Pope’s movement, it is necessary to expect temporary obstacles to traffic, the time of the passage of the procession.

Transport at Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré on 28 July

  • From Quebec: Route 138 will be closed from Boiscatel from 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. Traffic will be diverted onto Avenue Royal.
  • Users should take the 138 again at L’Ange-Gardien (serving Avenue Royale). There will be two lanes of traffic east to rue Paré, which will then turn back onto avenue Royale.
  • Traffic will then be diverted towards Côte Sainte-Anne – to avoid the site of the sanctuary – to Beaupre, where users can use the 138.
  • Residents of the sector will be able to move around freely, but must respect detours and traffic congestion is expected.
  • Workers will be identified with wristbands to access their workplace, but it is not yet clear if they will be covered.
  • The Sûreté du Québec invites road users to visit Québec 511 for updates on roadblocks related to the Pope’s visit. Everything is subject to change.
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– Catherine Bouchard, Le Journal de Quebec

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