Christine Labrie, QS’s new parliamentary speaker

Christine Labrie, QS’s new parliamentary speaker

Quebec Solitaire (QS) MNA has announced the appointment of Christine Labri as Speaker of the House, replacing Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

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“She has the essential qualities of a good parliamentary speaker: she can build bridges with other parties when the proper functioning of parliament is needed, and she can firmly defend her unity colleagues when needed,” the spokesman commented. Quebec Solitaire Gabriel Nadeo-Dubois.

The Coalition member, who will assume office in early August, will have the task of monitoring files and negotiating bills during the next parliamentary term in September.

“I will ensure that the concerns that citizens share with us are reflected in the work of the National Assembly, and that the word they convey to us in this field is being heard by the Government,” Ms.Me Lobri.

The 33-year-old solidarity member is the fifth woman to hold the post of parliamentary speaker in Quebec.

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