Alexandra Daddario shares how she and fiancé Andrew get through ‘tough times’ together

Alexandra Daddario shares how she and fiancé Andrew get through 'tough times' together

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There’s no doubt that the 35-year-old actress has been going through a big moment since she started dominating our television screens last summer, playing Rachel in HBO’s satire. Then she wrapped up her amazing year with some personal news: Get involved in a movie producer Andrew Form.

Now, D’Addario is ushering in 2022 on another high note, representing Screen Actors Guild Awards 2022 as an ambassador for the event, which airs on TNT and TBS on Sunday, February 27. She and her fellow ambassador Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) You’ll be celebrating the Big Night of TV and Movies at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, over the weekend.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, Daddario spoke exclusively with E! News about her “great” year of accomplishments and how she managed to get past the happy moments with her fiancé.

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“The great thing is that we can support each other through difficult times,” she said as she thought about how they enjoyed the moment together. “The world is a little crazy right now, and we’re looking to the future.”

Describes how spouses balance each other, the Baywatch Allum noted, “He brings me peace through all the chaos, and I hope the opposite is true. That’s what he said, so I trust him with that!”

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Of course, she has too white lotus Cast to lean on. (Co-stars Murray Bartlett And the Jennifer College All of them receiving awards at the 2022 SAG Awards.)

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Daddario said she’s on a text string with a group, though she admitted that “everyone’s busy…but we really liked each other so much. Thank goodness we were so trapped together.” She laughed, “It’s a really nice and supportive group.”

When it comes to her character Rachel and her husband Shane (Jake Lacey), Daddario said she thinks they’re “still together now” but thinks she’ll leave him “eventually.”

“I just don’t think it’s at that point, and I think a lot of women are in that situation,” she said. “She doesn’t have the strength but I think she will eventually reach the breaking point. It may be too late, I don’t know if it will be a happy story. But they are somewhere on vacation again.”

Regardless of her on-screen talents, Butler said he admires Dadario for her charitable work.

Ross Butler, Alexandra Daddario

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He told E! News. “That’s why we’re part of the arts because we want to inspire, we want to influence, we want to bring out the potential in people.”

In addition to his new role as SAG Awards ambassador, Butler has also acted swimming with sharks And the Shazam! wrath of the gods After he finished his time as Trevor to all the boys.

In fact, he recently celebrated some happy news with his experience TATB Share in the star Lana CondorWho is the I got engaged last month for the actor Anthony de la Torre.

He revealed, “I didn’t know anything about it until I saw it on her Instagram, and I literally started crying right away.” “I love her and Anthony so much, we get off work so much.”

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He definitely agrees: “Both of the brightest people I know. They’re both brilliant academically, but also spiritual. So this was really, really, really a milestone in my life watching the two coexist.”

While he was waiting for that wedding invitation, he was simply excited that he got invited to his first ever SAG Awards. “There’s instant relief and instant rapport,” he said of his fellow actors. “We’re kind of saying this as a joke but really, who knows what’s going to happen.”

Watch the red carpet coverage for E! for the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2022 on Sunday, February 27 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT, followed by the SAG Awards at 8pm EST / 5pm PT on TNT and TBS.

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