April 15, 2024

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Another dominance for Gilles Lehouillier

The presence of a new party may not be enough to bend Gilles Lehouillier, who was re-elected in the evening with nearly 75% of the vote, but the mayor did not get the consensus victory he had hoped for, and his team escaped by one of 15 votes. Seats on board.

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This is the third time Mayor Lehoulier, who was first elected in 2013, has headed South Shore. In the last 2017 election, the elected representatives got a 92% majority and actually won the ballot.

Gilles Lehouillier analyzes these results as the population’s clear message that “we are proud to be part of our community” and described its scores as “very unique in the history of Quebec”.

At 68, he says he is ready for a term that will not last. Speaking of his 99-year-old father, he said he was “still in excellent condition” and that his genes were good enough to take him beyond the third position.


Lévis Force 10, however, did not win the race to get there again, as it did in the last election. A Repensons Lévis councilor, Serge Bonin, was ambushed in the Saint-Étienne district.

For the first time in four years, Mayor Lehouillier will, therefore, speak out against the “expression of democracy” and the opposition to the city council.

“Once elected, you represent the people as a whole, no matter what the neighborhood, no matter what the political party. There, on purpose, for four years, we put the package together to see what can be done to help and support our people, ”the mayor hopes.

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The latter noted that local services would be given priority during this third installment. Yes, major projects, but we need to help citizens on a daily basis in their immediate environment.

“Local, environmental and leisure services have never been so important. We saw it, there is a role,” Mayer said.

Let’s reconsider Lewis, to stay here.

The former Liberal deputy mayor significantly confronted Elhadji Mamadou Diarra, leader of the new party Repensons Lévis. The new party allowed citizens from all districts to have their voices heard this year by fielding one candidate each in 15 seats.

In 2017, 10 councilors from the mayor’s party were elected without opposition.

“No one was waiting there for us. Fifteen candidates in 15 districts, one mayoral candidate, no one expected. […] We had an extraordinary tour and I am very happy, ”he said. Diara said.

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