April 16, 2024

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Conservation of woodland caribou: Steven Guilbault responds to Pierre Boilivre

Conservation of woodland caribou: Steven Guilbault responds to Pierre Boilivre

Conservative parties are not interested in fundamental debate. As for the budget, they oppose it before they see it and refuse to discuss it with all parties involvedSteven Guilfeld said in a statement to Radio-Canada.

Remember that the latter threatened in early February to seek a federal mandate to protect endangered species in Quebec if the new conservation plan presented by Quebec in June is not satisfactory.

There is no mandate. In close collaboration with Quebec, indigenous peoples, industries and unions, we are working towards a joint plan with Quebec expected in June 2023. We are consulting with all interested and concerned members. Mr. Poilievre’s lack of interest in endangered species speaks to his lack of understanding of the realities around him.The Liberal minister continued.

Leader Pierre Poilivre was accompanied by Pierre Paul-Hus, the Conservative lieutenant governor for Quebec, and Richard Martel, the MNA for Chicotimi-Le Fjord.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Annie-Claude Brisson

During a press conference with his provincial representative, Benoît Charette, during a visit to Tadoussac last month, the central minister had already said he hoped to reach an agreement by June.

Steven Guilbow also blamed the leader CCP A campaign of fear must be waged. As the entire planet agrees to take strong action, Pierre Poilievre continues to incite fear and offers no solutionsHe concluded.

A “radical Wokist” minister

During a press conference at the Scierie Girard in Shipsha during the day, Pierre Poilievre described Ottawa’s possible intervention. wokist command.

Then he added some in an interview Telejournal Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Justin Trudeau and his ultra-vocalist environment minister want to de facto ban 35,000 kilometers of forestry. [carrés], which will kill more than 1,000 jobs and communities across the Saguenay. I don’t want to know anything about it, I want to give the Quebec government the power to protect caribou, but I want to protect the jobs and industries that fuel the economy throughout the Saguenay.He started, specifying a datum that started and represented the territory covered by the possible mandate.

Concerned sawmill manager

On the sidelines of the morning press conference, Scierie Girard’s general manager, Jean-Pierre Girard, expressed wider concern about the future impacts of the conservation of woodland caribou in the region.

We know it’s the official opposition now, and then we really have to listen, and then tell the central government that it’s under provincial jurisdiction, but we’re very concerned. We know that we are working on a project that will soon be consulted on, and then we are very concerned. We want the plan to take into account the communities and workers involvedGeneral Manager of Scierie Girard, Jean-Pierre Girard analyzed.

Like many others, he fears that reducing the rate of forest disturbance to protect species will lead to job losses by reducing the harvesting of trees for the forestry industry. Scientists point to this economic activity as a major reason for the continued decline of woodland and mountain caribou populations in Quebec, particularly as road cutting eases the movement of caribou hunters. The industry often responds that global warming is to blame for species, which it struggles to adapt to.

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With information from Catherine Paradis, Anne-Claude Brisson and Robbie St-Gelaois