Awareness Campaign for Cyclists | To fix “behavior problems”.

Awareness Campaign for Cyclists |  To fix “behavior problems”.

A broad awareness campaign is being prepared for cyclists in Montreal to encourage them to better respect the road safety code. All this comes at a time when a recent incident where a cyclist was hit by a bus for failing to obey stop lights has sent shock waves.

What is there to know?

  • A campaign should be launched within the next year to create awareness among cyclists about road safety.
  • According to Vélo Québec and Piétons Québec, the development of cycling infrastructure necessitates more education.
  • On May 9, a school bus hit a girl riding a bicycle who failed to stop at flashing lights.

Vélo Québec recently requested the Ministry of Transport’s Road Safety Fund to carry out a visibility campaign targeting cyclists in the spring of 2025. These awareness blitzes should generally focus on using specific behaviors of the road safety code. Pedestrians.

“We don’t hide it: there are behavioral issues,” says program director at Vélo Québec, Magali Bebronne.

His group hopes to launch the campaign before the “sustainable mobility corridor” arrives on the Henri-Pourassa axis, where a branch of the Express Bike Network (REV) will see the light of day with rapid bus service. (SRB) by 2027.

This is the first time that public transport with a cycle lane has a very high density, so it risks increasing tensions. It would be a shame if we missed this opportunity to work on mindset.

Magali Pepron, Program Director at Vélo Québec

He cites the example of last week’s incident, when a girl crossing the street to get to her school bus was hit by a cyclist who failed to stop in Plateau Mont-Royal. Fortunately, the victim is doing well. The fact that this is a clear violation of the Road Safety Act has been unanimously condemned in the cycling community.

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