April 15, 2024

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Legalt recipe | Montreal Journal

Rare consensus opinion in the National Assembly on Friday. All political parties are eager to turn the page on the epidemic!

As for the opposition, the media certainly believed in the eclipse, which allowed the government to monopolize the airwaves.

On behalf of the Legalt government, we are well aware that winning the war against COVID does not guarantee re-election. This is evidenced by the tragic end of Winston Churchill.

The most interesting difference between the government and the opposition, however, is the leadership style they offer, respectively.

Beyond the polls

Franுவாois Legalt was widely criticized for managing elections.

The biggest referendum bill since the epidemic began, but above all escaping into a discriminatory territory at the expense of taxpayers certainly led to criticism. It deserves it.

Now, we should not be surprised. All the political activities he has undertaken since Fran பிடித்தois Legalt took office represent a majority in Quebec.

Indigenous peoples, racism and other ideological issues

While the horror of residential schools may have awakened the conscience, Franுவாois Legalt behaved calmly and cautiously. Quebec will be here to search for the remains. But nothing more than that. Quebec Solitaire does not have the big joint turmoil session or very difficult intent as proposed.

Racism? It has, and we will take care of it. But again, there is no doubt that leaving the collective offense will confront the Quebecs.

The French decline? It proposes tightening of rules, better awareness, and exemplary character of the state. It is in this context that Bill 101 will be the most serious in the CEGEP proposed by PQ. You should not shake the cage too much.

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The attitude is always the same. A manager who takes care of the grain takes care of the actual business. Not a lot not less.

And BA-BA.

The same logic is at the forefront of economics.

While Dominic Anglet proposes a new agreement for socially and environmentally responsible economic development, the CAQ has no hesitation in conducting an autopsy on the violations of capitalism.

Lack of manpower? We are going to work on the best fit training and requirements.

Climate threat? Its green plan is consistent. Recycling, deposit, electrification of transport. It’s simple, and it doesn’t scare anyone.

Therefore, Franுவாois Legold never gave the test of large curves.

The Prime Minister does not want to change our society, and above all he wants to promise the Quebecs in a world of uprising.