Bernard Trinville storms out of the blue room: “Imagine if it had been a girl”

Bernard Trinville storms out of the blue room: “Imagine if it had been a girl”

At the end of a difficult day in which major changes to the third merger plan were announced, Liberal MPs In the midst of an argument with Marva Riski, Bernard Trinville stormed out of the Blue Room. “La Jude” program, and it led to addressing the double standard of gender in politics.

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According to political analyst Emmanuel LaTravers, the Education Minister and MP for Lewes may have been swayed by his emotions.

“I think her passions are above reason,” she says from the beginning. “It’s a bit rude to blame him, not as if he’d never made such a sharp opponent as Mrs.

This view is shared by former Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, who underscores the work of Saint-Laurent MP Marwah Rizqy.

“It would have been noticed that he did not use obscenities, he did not use an unparliamentary formula, he was clear,” he said. She correctly grasped the elements of the situation as a weapon, and Bernard Trineville found her match And he didn’t measure up.”

For her part, former PQ member Elsie Lefebvre, Mr. Drainville believes that if it had been a woman making these gestures, it would have provoked strong reactions.

“Imagine if it had been a woman,” says political analyst Elsie Lefebvre. If she cries this morning, if she wakes up there like that, we’ll say of her that she’s a lunatic, unable to control herself, and put her out of the cabinet.

This view was shared by former Health Minister Kayden Barrett.

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“As a man who has had his powerful moments in the blue room, I recognize Elsie’s comments, and if the former Liberal MP had done this as a woman, she would have been fired up, negatively commented on, and Twitter would have ignited.

Ms. Lefebvre adds to that.

“That’s quite right [pour un homme de montrer ses émotions], but there are two weights and two measures, Ms. Lefebvre continues. Because that’s not right [Marwah Rizqy] Fair questions asked, he still has tougher skin than that Bernard Trinville.

Watch the full discussion of the “La Joute” group in the video above

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