April 16, 2024

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Birth of National Day: Canada celebrates its first Independence Day

After a unanimous vote in the House of Commons, the decision to celebrate Independence Day nationally began on March 24, 2021. It was on August 1, 1834 Slavery Abolition ActThe Abolition of Slavery Act came into force in the British Empire.

Edith Docky of Toronto believes that celebrating this event is a way to remind Canadians that everyone should care about the struggle for black and indigenous freedom.

It changes a lot from the fact that it is now a national celebration. Such an important question is everyone’s problem, She insists.

Edith Docky is the General Secretary of the Ivory Community Association of the Toronto Region.

Photo: Contributed by dith Taki

The Canadian tradition is that everything belongs to us.

A quote:Edith Doggy

Audrey Tottiotshop, of Toronto descent of Cameroonian descent, considers Independence Day a symbol of freedom. It truly depicts what black freedom is and reveals the strength and perseverance of black and indigenous communities in Canada., She says.

Ms. Tottiotsope considers August 1 to be Memorial Day for those who fought for the abolition of slavery.

Audrey Tottiotsop

Audrey Tottiotsop

Photo: Presented by Audrey Tottiotshop

We were very lucky because we had brave blacks and tribal people who fought for our freedom.

A quote:Audrey Tottiotsop

According to Adit Thaki, Liberation Day is also an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of slavery. Yes, I have black skin, I am a slave. Today, I am free, but how do I enjoy this freedom? Am I really free because slavery is abolished?, She wonders.

Ms. Doggy believes that this question needs to be subjected to continuous debate so as not to perpetuate slavery in other forms. Despite the abolition of slavery, we find that racism persists and blacks fall victim to dishonest circumstances., She explains.

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She calls on blacks and black women in general to see themselves as truly liberated. As for the hairstyle [par exemple]The woman is more or less associated with the image of the European woman. We do not feel comfortable when we do not have straight hair or when our skin is very dark, She notices.

To give more meaning to Liberation Day, Aditya Thaki calls for awareness of young blacks and tribals. I teach my children that they are free today and that they are [doivent] Live this freedom to the fullest, She says. We celebrate it, not constantly cry over what happened, but learn from it and move forward.