Govt-19: 385 Ontarians are in intensive care

In Ontario, another 122 people have been hospitalized due to the cove, bringing the total number of hospital admissions to 2,594.

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In the country’s most populous province, 385 people are in intensive care, 47 more than the previous day. Since the outbreak, 10,345 Ontarians have lost their lives (+31).

On the Quebec side, hospital admissions are on the rise on Saturday, recording 44 new deaths linked to COVID-19.

There are now 2,594 hospitals in the province due to the virus, an increase of 163 over the previous day. Of these, 245 are in the intensive care unit (+16).

An additional 15,928 cases were reported in La Belle province, with trials conducted at screening clinics.

On the Atlantic side, New Brunswick has 421 new COVID-19 cases and an additional mortality, with Newfoundland and Labrador recording a further 412 infections.

In Nova Scotia, the outbreak continues with 1,145 new infections with the virus. Health officials have therefore asked those diagnosed with goiter to report their close contacts. Read the report released on Saturday: “As the number of trials and cases increases, there are delays in follow-up by public health.”

Saskatchewan, for its part, added 937 new pollutants to its balance sheet.

Ontario: 866,632 cases (10,345 deaths)

Quebec: 728,286 cases (11,917 deaths)

Alberta: 395,252 cases (3,338 deaths)

British Columbia: 276,875 cases (2,439 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 90,758 cases (961 deaths)

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Manitoba: 94,850 cases (1,408 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 25,088 cases (112 deaths)

New Brunswick: 20,278 cases (171 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 7,949 cases (21 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 2,801 cases (12 deaths)

Yukon: 2,125 cases (15 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 2,463 cases

Nunavut: 977 cases (4 deaths)

Returnees to Canada: 13 cases

Total: Approximately 2,514,347 cases (30,744 deaths)

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