Bleeding man in Lewis: Accident injuries

The Lewis city police confirm that the injuries of the man who was found unconscious and bleeding in the parking lot of a hotel in Lewis on Tuesday morning were accidental.

The man, in his early forties, was found at 7.45am on the property of the Hospitality Hotel-Motel in the Saint-Romwald sector. He was in a very bad condition. He was taken to the hospital de l’Enfant-Jésus, where his life was in danger.

Bleeding man in Lewis: Accident injuries

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc Vallières

This incident led to the establishment of two command posts in order to gather information.

On Tuesday afternoon, SPVL spokesman Jean-Sébastien Levan pointed out that the man’s injuries were “completely accidental”.

Looking at the surveillance cameras and the analysis of the scene concluded that there were “continuous falls on the ice” and that the person was out for a “certain period of time” which could explain the problem. It was discovered.

Bleeding man in Lewis: Accident injuries

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc Vallières

According to information received from the Journal, the road in the parking lot looked like a real skating rink.

Moreover, Mr. Eleven clarified that the man’s health is now stable, but “he is still unconscious.”

SPVL did not ask for toxicological tests to see if it was affected by alcohol or drugs.

Bleeding man in Lewis: Accident injuries

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc Vallières

Hotel guest

According to the SPVL, the person was an outsider. While he was training at a company in Lewis, he stayed at the Hospitallit Hotel-Motel.

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A spokesman for Desercom, an organization that serves the region by ambulance transport, said the man fainted when ambulance paramedics took charge of him.

“He was found on the ground by witnesses. He was unconscious and had multiple injuries and hypothermia,” said spokesman Francis Brispois.

Mr. Brisebois could not give further details, but added that there were injuries to several parts of the human body.

When contacted by phone, the manager of the establishment where the incident took place was stingy with comments, simply mentioning that a man had been found on the ground and paramedics had come looking for him.

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