Eric Cairo wants to collaborate with protocol hackers

In July, the government launched a program to develop a protocol for cooperation with white hats (hackers). Protocol). The purpose of this protocol is to avoid the problem that arises from the latest revelations of Louis (fictional name) that this protocol hacker discovered the possibility of generating QR codes from VaxiCode application.

This is something that is also done by various large corporations and other governments. The Quebec government was encouraged to see how it was done. Providing security is not the main goal because in our affairs these people have never been threatened., Eric Khair said in an interview with Claude Bernadette.

The goal is to help them diagnose vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities to increase their participation, collaboration and latitude by precisely giving them better access to a variety of applications.

A quote:Eric Khair, Minister responsible for digital transformation

Several factors must be taken into account in the development of such a protocol, including the legal implications of its installation, the minister said.

We do not want to provide protection to people who are looking for unqualified immunity. In doing so, there will be legal protections for those who do things right.

Eric Khair, Minister responsible for digital transformation

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillo Grotto-Lange

Eric Cairo is also considering a reward system for pirates Ethics of serving the government.

It checks if there can be some kind of satisfaction that can come with it, and if so, what it is and how it goes. There are many more things to think about from a legal, technical and financial perspective, but we are on track to move in that direction., Continued Éric Caire.

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Service to the community

In the minister’s mind, there was no question of initiating legal action against Lewis because he ruled that he had served the community by his act. However, he could not accept the request for his immunization letter.

You need to understand that immunity and immunity may seem the same, but they involve very different situations. In the case of a person who has committed, proven, cooperated with the government and, alternatively, asked the government to carry out illegal acts, a letter of immunity will be issued by the Ministry of Justice. To the authorities that he should not be prosecuted […]. This is the letter of immunity that Louis asks of us, which does not apply in his case.

An anonymous man speaks to journalist Camille Carpentier.

In an interview with Lewis journalist Camille Carpentier

Photo: Radio-Canada

However, he wants the peace to be less than the first group of pirates The man who downloaded personal information from elected officials illegally downloaded the QR code of many, including Prime Minister Franசois Legalt.

There, we individuals have committed acts that have caused incredible confusion and, as a result, effectively intimidated and detrimental to operations. So here, we are not Hackers Protocol. These individuals are actually subject to complaints. This is absolutely not the case with Louis.

A quote:Eric Khair, Minister responsible for digital transformation

Wrong choice to advertise an exploitation

The fact that this group wanted to publicize their achievement on social networks rather than sharing it with the government was a bad factor in the minister’s view.

Not only did they not inform us of this, but they publicized their success in public as Louis tried to contact us. His first instinct is to tell the government: “Listen, I found one”. It is not in the second group. They are two different thingsJudge Eric Khair.

No harm

In the latter case, the Minister argues that access to the QR code is a choice made by the government, not a violation.

Security people always say through their glasses, “My God! We must protect everything!” As if everything has high speed value. However, we must admit that the QR code, without the photo ID, is useless. Today, yes, there is someone who holds my QR code, but they can do nothing. It didn’t say anything he didn’t already know. No harm to my privacy, no use, He noted.

This choice of security, the minister says, is not regrettable. He thinks it is appropriate in the circumstances.

We must have security measures commensurate with the value of what needs to be protected. In this case, the balance of disability is that the more security measures we take, the less accessible it is to citizens., He concluded.

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