Broken government web-based screening site

Despite tens of thousands of Quebecs trying day by day to find out if they are infected with the popular virus, the Quebec government’s website dedicated to the Govit-19 screening has been down since Wednesday evening.

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“We are currently in maintenance period. The platform will be available soon, please try again later. ”The screening platform will be displayed more casually on its homepage on Thursday morning.

Like the elected officials, the website encouraged them to avoid going to the Qubescars screening center.

“We remind you that screening should only be considered at a screening center if you have COVID-19 symptoms and you do not have a quick test,” we read on the site.

In recent days, public health has conducted 40,000 PCR tests every day, with the positive rate rising to 28% on Wednesday. That is, one in four cubes coming to the screening center actually has COVID-19.

The number of trials has dropped slightly this holiday season, topping 50,000 in the days leading up to Christmas, and the positive rate has doubled.

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