Registration of new cases | Late return to school in Ontario

Registration of new cases |  Late return to school in Ontario

(Toronto) Ontario is delaying going to school until Wednesday, the state’s top medical officer said.R. Kieran Moore.

Students in most provinces are expected to return to school by Monday, but as the number of Govt-19 cases in the province rises a meteorite, many stakeholders have asked for a new date.

D.R. Moore said the delay will give schools more time to prepare for new guidelines. The province will provide N95 masks to all school and childcare staff and will deploy 3,000 HEPA air filters in addition to the existing 70,000.

Rapid PCR tests are only available for those with symptoms or problems with the corona virus.

“We need to allocate these resources to those who are most in need,” he saidR. Moore.

The isolation period for patients with Covit-19 is reduced from 10 to five days for vaccinated children 12 and under.

Even those who live with someone who has been positively reported should avoid contact with that person.

“As the number of cases is increasing at a rapid rate and studies of the Omigran variant are emerging, we need to adapt, as well as other jurisdictions, to protect those living and working in our high-risk environment,” D explained.R. Moore.

The maximum capacity in concert halls, amphitheaters and theaters is limited to 1000 persons.

One day, one record

The days in Ontario are moving, as well as: a new day, a new record of new cases.

Authorities on Thursday registered 13,807 new COVID-19 cases and three additional deaths.

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Health Minister Christine Elliott said hospitals were caring for 965 patients, of whom 200 were in intensive care. He said the average number of intensive care patients in the last seven days was 179.

He also said that provincial data had been updated to differentiate patients admitted due to COVID-19 from patients admitted for another reason, but they were later tested positive.

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