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The fault lies mainly in the position of Denise Godrej. Mostly defeated by Valerie Plante, In Bill 96, believes Hadrian Bariso, one of his former allies.

Jack Bariso’s grandson was elected, for the first time, under the colors of the former mayor’s party, in 2017, before joining Valerie Plante’s board of directors. Prior to this he was particularly responsible for youth and sports related files Come back with Denise Godrej For this election campaign.

This is not the campaign I expected, Despite his brief defeat at the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, he quietly admitted. Nearly 500 votes separate him from the elected candidate in the Saint-Sulpice district, Julie Roy of Projet Montreal.

I was hoping he would ask for more [pour la défense de la langue française].

A quote:Hadrian Bariso defeated the group Montreal candidate

A condition Curled In French

In the spring, Hadrian Paris denied the advances of Project Montreal, hoping to find the best defender of the French language, Denise Coderre.

But in the end the position Curled Hadrian Bariso argues that the French-speaking electorate would have had an annoying role from the head of the group Montreal in this case.

The situation he decided to take with Bill 96 at the end of the campaign was very embarrassing to me. I have always fought for the French language. It did not help us, and the citizens said on the ground, He says.

In the framework Interviews with English-speaking media, Denis Coderre actually proposed changes to the bill, especially to expand the definition of the anglophone. Tried to get Balarama to vote [Holness]. But even adding those votes did not work, Hadrian Bariso sighs, saying he is being criticized by dozens of citizens around him.

Sovereigns and nationalists asked me how I could support such a man, He shouts, lamenting at the same time Denise Coder’s denial In a matter of days, it will have to publish a list of its revenue and customers in the private sector.

It has been copied and pasted since 2017 [avec la formule électrique]. It has become a poll for his personality.

A quote:Hadrian Bariso defeated the group Montreal candidate

Surely, He judges, this various event group touched all representatives of Montreal Controversies related to candidates “With Strange CVs”.

No background checks? That’s when I asked myself questions. Began to get tired, The 31-year-old politician argues, he is now focusing on next year’s provincial election campaign.

11 Town Halls for Project Montreal, 6 for Ensemble Montreal

As of 2017, with the exception of the legal challenge – Project Montreal has won 11 municipal town halls and will control these 11 municipalities. Valérie Plante’s party won in Verdun and Rivière-des-Prairies.

Project Montreal, however, lost the town hall of Outremont and L’Le-Bizard – Saint-Geneva, to the detriment of Ensemble Montreal, which elected 6 mayors. The districts of Anjou (Luis Miranda) and LaSalle (Nancy Blanchet) will be managed by local teams.

In Guilloo Laoy and Lionel Perez.

Guillaume Lavoie and Lionel Perez were attacked during this election ballot.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jerome Labe

Decreased Montreal Resistance

Denise Koder, who has been quiet since Sunday evening, remains the leader of the Montreal team despite the defeat. And because his rival, Chandel Rossi, was selected in Montreal-North, he was able to sit in the Town Hall. But according to Anne Samson, former mayor of Villere-Saint-Michael-Park-Extension, He will not.

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The difference [de voix] Because the town hall is so big. People have refused to let Denise come back. If he wants to give the party a chance to revive and reunite itself, it has to go, She thinks.

But who can be after him?

Although Valerie Plante and Projet Montreal won 11 of the city’s 19 boroughs, ensemble Montreal suffered several major defeats, which affected the party’s tenure.

Intermediate cook for four years, Lionel Perez lost City Hall Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce by 83 votes. Karine Boivin-Roy Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the leader of the official opposition, was attacked.

Guillaume Lavoie, former candidate for the leadership of Projet Montreal and Star candidate of Denise Coder, Also lost his election. However, many at home saw him as a potential successor to the former Liberal MP.

The last week of the campaign unfortunately changed the situation, the elected councilor of the party who wanted to remain anonymous agreed. Denise continued [en ne dévoilant pas la liste de ses clients] And it costs us all. We would have liked to have more seats in the opposition to provide better debates.

Usually an employer will pull you over. There, Denise Godrej pulled down the candidates.

A quote:Ani Samson, former mayor of Villare-St-Michael-Park-Extension

The figures illustrate the dissatisfaction with Denise Coder, Ani Samson notes. For example, in Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Outremont, Valerie Plante made great strides there, despite close struggles in the town halls of these cities.

A huge loan

To temporarily take over the leadership of the group Montreal, two names stand alone behind the scenes of the party: Jim Bees, the mayor of Pierfonds-Rocksboro and close to Denise Godrej, and Alan D’Souza, who has been managing Saint-Laurent since 2001.

We still have a leader, the question is in advance. We need to give him time to thinkHowever, says Alan D’Souza.

We lost strong players. Now it is in our hands to create new skills.

A quote:Alan D’Souza, mayor of the city of Saint-Laurent

We look forward to talking to him and meeting him with the Caucasus. He is the one who has to make the announcement about his intention, He mentions.

However, the next leader of the group Montreal will have to face a party financially. Prior to the election campaign, the opposition pulled out more than $ 400,000 in debt, which was part of the 2017 defeat.

Ani Samson believes that many questions are being asked about the future of the party that needs to be modernized. But despite the shadow of Denise Godrej, ensemble Montreal did an excellent job of resisting it. Now the party will move forward freely to redefine itself.

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