April 21, 2024

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Unpleasant surprises await the Florida snowflakes

Many Quebecs took advantage of Monday to open the land border to the United States, but will face shortages when they arrive in Florida.

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Snowbirds heading to Florida can easily find warmer temperatures, but can be difficult to shop for.

Marie Poupart, a collaborator with TVA Nouvelles in Florida, said in an interview Monday on Denis Lévesque’s show that many shelves in many businesses are empty.

“If you look for diapers, bicycles, some toys or equipment, you will find that it is not always easy,” he said.

Cubeser, who lives in Florida, recently had a hard time finding a dryer.

“It’s been three months since I shopped for a car and I couldn’t find it,” he said.Me Poupart.

As in Quebec and Canada, sales of recreational vehicles have also improved significantly over the past year, making it very difficult to find locations in camps, said a collaborator with TVA Nouvelles in Florida.

Florida will cost you more

He argued that renting a car would be complicated and expensive.

Two weeks ago, Mary Boobard moved to Utah and had to pay almost $ 1,000 a week to rent a car.

He warned that housing was too expensive. The price of hotel rooms has increased by 15%. For condos, we are talking about an increase of 20% to 30%.

Marie Poupart added that restaurant prices have risen by 5% and prices of eggs and meat by 11%.

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