Caillou plays revolutionary | Montreal Journal

Caillou plays revolutionary |  Montreal Journal

Admit it: At a time when we constantly criticize the apathy of young people who spend time in front of screens instead of playing outside, we can be happy to see a sudden interest in camping among young people.

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Finally, they pick up!

They get out of their room and get some fresh air!

They set up tents in front of McGill, UQAM and the University of Sherbrooke!

It reminds me of my scouting years.

Hopefully, soon, they will learn to tie knots and identify different types of wood.

“Hey, look guys, a peach! There, a maple! And a weeping willow!”

Ah, how beautiful, youth!

If I have some time on my hands, I’ll go and play guitar with them.

“At the clear fountain, going for a walk / I found the water so beautiful that I bathed in it…”

Tomorrow’s elite

All these bring them closer to nature…

Also, yesterday you saw a report by Yves Poirier who came to the UQAM camp to find out if these Social Justice Soldiers stole equipment from a nearby construction site.


“Where do your camp fences come from? asked a grumpy reporter to a camper who proudly wore a Palestinian scarf (but who didn’t last five minutes in Gaza). These fences didn’t fall from the sky! Who owns these fences?

– Well, the materials used to build these fences were stolen from the earth!”, replied our Che Guevara in shorts.

Stolen from Earth!

Isn’t that beautiful?

Isn’t that touching?

The answer was given by an academic, my friends!

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Tomorrow’s elite!


Are you wondering what your children are learning in this high knowledge institute called UQAM?

Well, there it is!

“Materials can be stolen from a construction site because those materials are stolen from the earth!”

Your lines at work, dear parents!

The Quebec education system in all its glory!

Your pants, Fidel, can I take them off and go with them? After all, they were made of plants stolen from the earth, right?

What about the tents at your campsite?

When I was young, I firmly believed that people who went to university were smarter and more cultured than the average bear.

It must be said that the university professors gained knowledge in those days.

Instead of campaigning.

Little rascals!

I dream of the day when Guy Nantel comes to one of these camps to ask these great intellectuals basic questions about the situation in the Middle East.

I hope it flies high.

Police should not be sent to these camps.

She is Caillou’s mother.

“Han, Kylo, ​​did you take Dad’s tent to play revolutionary? Steal equipment from a construction site to protect your camp? Little rascal, go! Don’t forget, we expect you to eat dinner at 6am. Above all, don’t delay! “

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