Camara case: According to Judge Dion, there are no ethnic details

M. Kamara Not treated differently based on race, color or ethnic origin He wrote in a somewhat revised statement released Friday by the Ministry of Public Security.

According to Judge Dion, on Jan. 28, he asked why he had received a ticket from police officer Sanjay Vic for using a cellphone while driving in the Park-Extension District. The camera is black.

The color of his skin did not explain why the police officer was arrested after the attack – he was hit in the head and unarmed – or the Director of Criminal and Penal Procedure (DPCP) allowed the charges to be dropped.

Relying on the case law, Judge Dion explained that racial profiling cases should be based on factual and circumstantial evidence in the file and not based on the victim’s opinion.

However, according to him, Mr Kamara’s interception by guard Mr Vick Not the result of chanceHe was seen using a cell phone while driving. So he had On reasonable grounds Intercept it.

Police officers who arrested Mr Kamara believed a few minutes later Elements of information transmitted in radio waves, Who identified him by name as a suspect.

Mr Camara, the DBC’s attorney who authorized the indictment against Mr Ann-Andre Sorrento, told Judge Dione that there were no racist details. An issue In that case.

According to her, the theory of reason was based on exclusive chance, a theory she had developed in light of the information she had on January 29, 2021, that only Mr Kamara would have had the opportunity to commit the crime. His decision would have been the same regardless of his skin color or religious beliefs.

A quote:Extract from Judge Dion’s statement

Exclusive Opportunity Theory

Theory of exclusive opportunity raised by Advocate Charlotte Based on the demonstration that only the accused had the opportunity and the intention to commit the crime, Judge Dione explains.

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Constructed on the basis of evidence Central Agent Vic, she explained at the inquest, decided he was him No one else is likely to come from anywhere Attack him.

She knew Agent Wig could not Identify properly The person who attacked him continued By subtraction Appoint it, but felt it was one Circumstantial evidence […] Strong.

According to Agent Vic, Ms. Charett considers that there is a strong connection between Mr Camara’s attitude and his analysis of the evidence based on his mentality following his interception.

It is further considered Mr. As aggression has increased in Camara, the receipt of the crime report may become an objective And it may have led him to act Under the influence of impulse.

In doing so, Judge Dion notes that attorney Charade firmly believed that there was one Opportunity for fair punishment In this file.

The DBCB lawyer said the information he received from the police was incomplete at the time, he admitted, but it was not Is no exception Until it gives permission to lay charges.

According to him, the ACC-3 directive, which guides lawyers in their decision-making, indicates that they may need to do so. To ensure the safety of the public and to ensure that the arrested and detained person appears within a maximum of 24 hours.

Until Feb. 2, at 11 p.m., a detective sergeant from SPVM informed the attorney who handed over the Mi Charret file, Katherine Brabant, a video Mr. Camara can be freed.

On an MTQ camera, this policeman explains, Someone can be seen approaching Agent Wiki, which is Mr. Confirming the version of Kamara.

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At 11:45 p.m., Ms. Brabant sends an email to Mr. Chart, informing her that she now suspects Mr. Camara is being detained and that she may have to ask for his release.

With pictures and other information from the MTQ camera, Mr. Brabant finally mentioned that he was a few hours later Mr Kamara was morally convinced that he was the suspect in the case, so the trial of the case filed by Ms. Charett was barred..

Although the MTQ camera analysis was asked to be done on January 29, Mee Chart later regretted it.

He was aware that at the time of the indictment the police considered Mr Kamara to be an important witness rather than a suspect. Change the game.

Mee Charett confirms if she had seen the pictures taken by the camera […] Contrary to what MTQ, the primary investigator in the case, told us during pre-approval, Mr Kamara cannot be charged.

A quote:Extract from Judge Dion’s statement

However, in Taking into account the information obtained from the leading analyst By me Charlotte, he The order of the DPCP in the sense of ACC-3 is Mr. It is fair to acknowledge the allegations made against Kamara, Says Dion.

18 Suggestions

Judge Dion’s report contains 12 recommendations regarding the SPVM and the Ecole National de police to Quebec.

Many of them are related to the importance of continuing education for police officers, while others call on the SPVM to follow better if some of its practices are not changed. However, many of them have been revised in the report.

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The other four recommendations, mainly related to training requirements, are designed for the Ministry of Public Safety. They, along with others, come from the Advisory Committee on Police Reality filed in the spring, the ministry said in a statement.

My department is already working to follow the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Police Reality, and it will consider the decisions of Judge Dion involved., Promised by Minister of Public Security Genevieve Gilbold.

Mamati Kamara has since taken legal action against SPVM and DPCP He is seeking $ 1.2 million in damages For damage to the victim. He says he is a victim of racial profiling.

Another man, Ali Narguki, 21, comes from later Properly charged The police officer must be the author of the attack on Vic.

He is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, attempting to disarm a peace officer and using a prohibited firearm.

He is scheduled to appear in court on September 20.

According to the Department of Public Security, Judge Dion’s report has also been revised In order to avoid any interference or influence In current legal processes.

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