Amber Warning: Items discovered by SQ, David and Jack Cotte may still be alive

Sûreté Du Québec revealed on Friday evening that the investigation and research carried out in the field since the beginning of the AMBER alert has made it possible to locate the materials used by David and Jack Cotte.

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Police also confirm that the DNA found in these items is that of David and Jack Cotte. A press release was issued at 9 p.m.

“This finding confirms that the father and his son have actually been in the research field since the warning was triggered,” SQ said.

Police officers and special teams will continue the search throughout the night in the Saint-Ballet section.

During the night, police will use loudspeakers and megaphones to broadcast a message in search areas and try to contact David Cote.

Police believe they are alive again.

“Currently, we hope to see the father and child alive,” officials say.

More details coming …

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