Cancellations at travel agencies are on the rise

Ottawa’s recommendation to avoid unnecessary overseas travel and cancellations at travel agencies in Quebec on Wednesday due to uncertainty surrounding the Omigron variant.

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“Unfortunately, yes, we have canceled. The bleeding had already started and it was like an acceleration. There are those who worry. Passengers leaving for a short time do not really know what to do, ”laments Luke Laughlamme, owner of Voyage Vasco Spatial.

Ottawa on Wednesday called on Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside the country, which will be in effect for at least four weeks.

The Trudeau government withdrew the recommendation last October.

Mr. Laflamme now fears that operations will increase in the coming weeks and reduce their offer at smaller airports. He wonders if Ottawa can restore compulsory isolation when it returns to Canadian soil.

“If so, he’s signing the death warrant for our aircraft for the winter. […] I want to recall what we experienced last January, ”said Mr. Laughlam says.

“We know winter will be hard to overcome. There are agencies that want to shoot the plague,” he added, adding that the cancellation will not bring money into a company’s coffers.

Because of Ottawa’s recommendation, many insurers will review their travel insurance. Laughlamme says.

Already, on Wednesday, he had to announce to someone who was scheduled to board the flight on Thursday morning that he was no longer insured for COVID-19-related expenses. Many of his clients are still planning to leave in the coming weeks.

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The club also recorded Voyages Universal cancellations. Customers have also come to the branch in peace.

“Already this morning, I received several calls and we feel the passengers are nervous,” said Anthony Sirino, owner and manager, denouncing the lack of clarity on Ottawa’s side on the issue.

“Customers tell me: I want to leave, but where do we go? Will they take us outside?” He observes.

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