September 25, 2023

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Captain Bernard Trinville of Titanic of Education

Captain Bernard Trinville of Titanic of Education

A senior in the class.

This is the only criterion to overcome the acute shortage of teachers in our schools. You are 18 years old! Congratulations, you have met all the criteria to train the next generation. We always seem to wake up at 12:01 knowing that…oops…we’re going to be without teachers when we go back to school. We’re connecting, we’re trying to hire, we’re trying to redevelop, and we’re crossing our fingers that it holds.

Last year, my daughter, who was in kindergarten, had three teachers during her first year of school. How do you expect a child to love school when they start their education?

Of course, I don’t blame teachers who have had to leave, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, for all kinds of good reasons. These dedicated professionals may fall ill, become pregnant or receive a professional opportunity that may lead to changes in their lives.

They do not have a solution to the labor problem. It depends on the government. And unfortunately, it is missing subscribers.

How can we not talk about the 5,000 teachers who will disappear when the school year starts in March? And they have the statistics: the number of new university graduate teachers is less than the number of teachers retiring in the next academic year. The balance is negative and the sirens should already be on.

But no, we are counting summer and holidays. School service centers close their doors for weeks. They will fix the problems when they return. Let’s see… what they say!

The education liner is cracked everywhere and heading straight for the glacier. The wealthy have already jumped ship for the private network. Others do not have enough life buoys. The captain was so distraught, and knowing nothing of the course he was taking, that he locked himself in the engine-room to wait for it to pass. Let the school year be behind him. Education in Quebec is, as you understand, titanic.