Peace in Ukraine: it will be decided by March

Peace in Ukraine: it will be decided by March

The United States and Russia began talks on Ukraine in Geneva this week, but have yet to reach an agreement to prevent a Russian invasion. Since then, tensions in Eastern Europe have escalated as “rumors of war” escalate.

Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, Travel to Kiev in the next few days Canada reaffirms its support for Ukrainian sovereignty in the hope of preventing any “aggressive action” by Russia. Canada, along with a large and politically influential Ukrainian community, has taken a tough stance with Moscow since annexing Crimea in 2014.

Jolie will travel to the field to meet with members of the Canadian Armed Forces stationed in the country as part of Operation UNIFIER, in addition to her conversations with Ukrainian leaders.

Are our military spies on board?

The operational situation in Ukraine offers excellent conditions In order to maintain the new Canadian military secret service: Joint Working Group X, JTF-X. (JTF-X, in English).

It would not surprise me if our military spies, along with the Americans, attended the training of the Ukrainian Special Forces. Launched by Washington in the 1990s, creation in 2014 was “rapid”. A US-sponsored violent protest in Kiev set the stage for a series of events to oust the pro-Russian president. In retaliation, Moscow occupied the Crimea and provoked bloody conflict in the Russian-speaking region of Donbass on the Russian border.

In addition to conducting ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Intelligence) operations, our JTF-X division includes the Civil-Military Cooperation Committees (CIMIC) and the Psychological Task Force (PSYOPS). This recently formed military intelligence was very dark in our secret services. It is now said to be the federal government’s largest intelligence agency, surpassing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Communications Security Agency, Ottawa’s wiretapping and cybersecurity service.

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U.S. intelligence officials, the Russians, are using agent provocations to create incidents in eastern Ukraine, fearing that this could serve as an excuse for an invasion, which is, in the intelligence slang, “a false flag move.” The Russians responded that the Russians, private American military companies – mercenaries – were preparing for a provocation using chemical weapons in eastern Ukraine.

The Pentagon and the CIA believe the invasion will begin in mid-January and mid-February. Frozen ground will allow troops and heavy military vehicles and equipment to maneuver more easily. So the Russians have to act before the spring thaws in March. Very mild winters and muddy land will complicate Russian projects Senior U.S. officials said New York Times.

The CIA plan was infiltrated by Russian spies

The CIA has been overseeing this secret, intensive training program in the United States for elite Ukrainian Special Forces since the 1990s. The training program has a great difficulty in controlling its performance greatly. Sources told Yahoo News that the CIA believed that Ukraine’s secret service was involved with Russian spies.

U.S. officials say the purpose of the exercise is to help with intelligence gathering. But a former CIA agent who was well aware of the plan told Yahoo bluntly, “The United States is training a rebel force and teaching the Ukrainians how to ‘kill the Russians’.” Does the Canadian JTFX have a similar mission?

From the beginning, the CIA plan was probably compromised. The first allies to train in the United States were deported to Ukraine For violating safety rules, Such as possessing unauthorized electronic devices.

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If the Russians invade Ukraine, will these anti-insurgency products be effective? Why are they more effective than the US stopped in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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