Centre-to-Quebec | Wild boars are found in the wild

Centre-to-Quebec |  Wild boars are found in the wild

Wild boars that have escaped captivity have reportedly been found in La Visitation-de-Yamasca and St-Perpetue in Centre-du-Quebec.

“A seed [femelle sanglier] and his pigs [ses petits]A captive escaped custody, would have been observed in our sector,” warned the municipality of La Visitation-de-Yamasca on Monday, on its social networks, midway.

As of Tuesday evening, the wild boars had not yet been found. “Our teams try to find and catch them,” explains Yannick Bilodo, a biologist at the Ministry of the Environment, the fight against climate change, wildlife and parks.

Raised for its meat, the wild boar is an invasive alien species that, when it escapes from captivity, can pose a threat to ecosystems and cause damage to crops.

If you see a wild boar in the wild, it is not recommended to approach it, as its behavior is unpredictable, but it is also forbidden to shoot it. “Because it’s a female with her cubs, she’ll try to protect them, so she might charge and cause injury,” warns Yannick Bilodeau. So, it’s a good idea to pull away slowly, take photos if you can, and contact SOS Hunting – Wildlife Emergency at 1 800 463-2191.

Wild boars are found in the departments of La-Visitation-de-Yamasca and Saint-Perpetue, according to information from the Ministry, they move up to 8 kilometers per day according to Yannick Bilodo; So they can be found in neighboring municipalities.

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