Chess Cora President Abduction | The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 11 million

The head of a Chez Cora breakfast restaurant was abducted from his home four years ago and pushed into the trunk of a car. His captives later demanded a ransom of $ 11 million from his mother, Cora Tsoflido. Who is directly behind this crime in Hollywood movie? Former owner Paul Zidane wants to prove to the public prosecutor.

Louis-Samuel Peron

Louis-Samuel Peron

The 52-year-old’s jury trial began Tuesday in Laval Court. Paul Zidane was charged with kidnapping Nicholas Tsouflidis on March 8, 2017 in Mirabel and Laval, and extorting money from Cora Tsouflidou. At the time, Paul Zidane was co-owner of Chez Cora, a restaurant in L’Île-des-Sœurs, Montreal.

According to prosecution theory, Paul Zidane played a “role” in the abduction of the president of Chesapeake, which is not mentioned. “You will not be given any direct evidence to implicate Paul Zidane in the kidnapping and extortion. I remind you, the evidence is circumstantial,” the prosecutor warned.e In her inaugural address to the Sarah Futri-Leclerc Arbitration Tribunal.

At 9:30 pm on March 8, 2017, Nicholas Suflidis answered his door when a person said he was “lost”. The crown states that this person then takes what the complainant believes to be a weapon and orders him to lie on the ground. Others Mr. Suflitis entered the house.

“Nicholas Suflidis will be forcibly taken away in the trunk of a car with his hands tied behind his back,” Judge M.S.e Joined Pietri-Leklerk, Me Kareen Dolfont. But Chess Cora’s Big Boss splits up and calls 9-1-1, claiming he was forcibly taken away by several people in a Volvo vehicle.

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Meanwhile, according to Crown theory, the plaintiff’s mother, Cora Tsuflido, receives two calls from the kidnappers at 1am. She said her son had been abducted and that she needed to go home and find a letter containing the ways. In the letter found by the police, the recovery amount of $ 11 million to be paid in three days. At 6:10 a.m. the next day, Nicholas Suflidis was found safe and sound during a champagne climb in Laval.

The leader of the Chess Cora is expected to testify later today. According to the lawsuit, he will tell the jury important details about the abduction, including a description of the premises, the materials used to abduct him and the surveillance system.

Police linked Paul Zidane to the case through an email address written in the letter. According to Crown, this address may be linked to a specific device, a Samsung tablet purchased by Paul Zidane on February 7, 2017 at Best Buy Store. The tablet was recalled on March 9, saying, “At the same time Mr. Has been found, ”said Crown’s attorney.

The lawsuit seeks to have the jury pay “special attention” to what Paul Zidane’s credit card was used to buy on March 8 in connection with the Volvo vehicle, allowing it to be monitored in the hardware store and computer where it was physically kept.

“It will tell you a lot about Paul Zidane’s role in this kidnapping, kidnapping and extortion,” he said.e Futri-Leclerc.

The case is being heard before Judge Franசois Dadur. Defendant Me Howcep Dadakalian and Me Christopher Lerhe-Mediatti.

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