Flood in Kimu: One dies in landslide near Lilot

On Monday evening, search teams from Pemberton and Lillut arrived in the area by helicopter. They found a woman’s body and then pulled it out of the mud, the RCMP said in a statement.

At this time, authorities do not know how many people or vehicles were hit by the landslide.

Two more were reported missing, and investigators believe other occupied vehicles may have been swept away by the landslide, Sergeant Janelle Shoihead said. GRC In British Columbia.

If you have unheard of family or friends who have been driving in the area and may have been affected by these landslides, please contact your local RCMP unit.

A quote:Twain McDonald, Acting RCMP Commanding Officer

Twain McDonald says research continues despite conditions on land being difficult.

Considering the amount of debris on the road, if the vehicles are not visible at first glance, it is very difficult to find them., He explains, the security of agents is a priority.

Everything was falling apart

Kathy Rennie saw the catastrophe as she drove on Highway 99 between Lillow and Pemberton. Looking at the parked cars, the Maple Ridge resident got down from her to see what was going on.

When she got back to the car, she saw a sudden look of fear on the faces around her. Her unforgettable faces.

I had the impression that a tsunami was coming. That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, She says.

I turned and saw the whole side of the mountain collapsing, take these cars and everything in its path.

A quote:Kathy Rennie, Demoin

In a few seconds the road was gone, Another witness Jukka Tuisku testifies. I have never felt such a horror in my life.

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Efforts were quickly made to clear motorists who had been swept away by the landslide, he says. They started taking people out. I saw four of them drowning in the mud and in shock.

It was full of organized chaos and pity … scary … but we didn’t feel alone, Kathy Rennie says everyone rushed to help. He said at least one was missing.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes due to heavy rains and floods in the southern province. Blocked important roads.

On Monday, About 300 people were rescued By helicopter after being stranded on the highway by landslides and landslides near Acacia.

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