“Chili” by a motorcyclist

A Montreal cyclist claims to have been the victim of an extreme incident of road rage when a motorist sprayed Cain pepper in the middle of the street.

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On November 30, Johnny Alberto says he saw an impatient motorist on his way while he was cycling in the Rosemond-La Petit-Patrie borough.

When he wanted to cross the Rue de Normanville, in order to get the Rue Saint-Chotti, he would have pointed out to this driver that he was blocking the pedestrian crossing he wanted to cross. Says Alberto. Engineer in the Public Sector.

“He told me: ‘Why aren’t you on the bike lane? There are already many lanes.’ I told him it was not enough because I had to take this street,” Alberto said.

According to the 29-year-old, there was an exchange of verbal abuse, which was initiated by the driver.

A few seconds later, when the driver took the turn, he was back at Mr. Is said to have returned to Alberto.

“He said, ‘Hey, look at me.’ He took out a can [ce qui semble être du] Cain Pepper and he sprayed me. Then he dropped the case and left. “

With the help of passersby who saw the situation, Mr. Alberto is said to have taken refuge in a hotel to meet with police and alleviate the “really strong” pain in his eyes that lasted half an hour.

Mr. The Journal was able to confirm that the version of Alberto’s facts was the facts provided by him and witnesses to the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM).

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For his part, the SPVM spokesman did not want to confirm or deny receipt of the complaint. According to criminal law, the incident must be treated as an assault with a weapon.

Series of attacks

Speaking publicly, he said he was attacked by motorists in Montreal. That’s because Alberto is tired. He begins by calling for mutual respect in sharing the road.

“For me, this is a series of events over the years. I am attacked by words, I scream. However, I am a decent person who respects the highway code very much. “

“This is a lack of remorse and the utter inhumanity of those who do not use automobiles,” he denounces.

He begins by calling for mutual respect in sharing the road.

“I understand that the man who attacked me no longer has a place of his own in this world. He makes more sense than cyclists who take 2% on the public road.

“He should know that people go for walks, cycling and scooters throughout the year,” he concludes.

There will not be much friction in the winter

A cyclist was struck by a wedge, “said Magali Pepron, project director of Vélo Québec.

He argues that closing bicycle lanes in the winter forces all-season cyclists to use the same lanes as cars.

“We may be forced to drive on a lane where motorists have it for themselves in order to increase friction,” he says. However, he wants to point out that the city of Montreal “plows more bike lanes each year” in the winter.

According to Vélo Québec, the proportion of Montreal cyclists who regularly ride two-wheelers in the winter is increasing. It was 8.4% in the winter of 2016-2017 and 13.6% in the winter of 2020-2021.

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