April 15, 2024

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Chrisyn Rock gives birth to a baby boy during a live broadcast on Instagram

Chrisyn Rock gives birth to a baby boy during a live broadcast on Instagram

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Chrisin Rock

She gives birth on IG Live…

New baby is here!!!

Chrisin Rock Now she’s a mom, because she just gave birth to her son…and she did it on the ‘gram, no less.

The rapper was live-streaming her delivery Sunday from her Instagram account, which depicted her in a hospital bed with friends and family all around — while pushing, screaming, and eventually crying tears of joy.

Rock Christian gives birth live on Instagram with over 300k views “Get that nigger out!” pic.twitter.com/CmFAfxHir3

– Crooked (@UnknownKussy) September 3, 2023

Indeed, it seemed that the child had been safely secured… but it was a process. At one point in the live stream, Chrisanne can be seen/heard saying — “Get that f*** out!” Doctors also worked on it. There’s no word on how long she’s been in labor, but the baby boy has arrived.

baby chrisen’s father, Bluefacehe couldn’t be seen in her video… There’s footage of him circulating online now that seems to show him in a completely different city.

Blueface hugging another girl in Miami while Christian Rock gives birth to his newborn son is so disturbing it wants… pic.twitter.com/gfuytqCnH0

— Jay ☆ (@munch4spice) September 3, 2023

He’s made it clear throughout this entire saga… Chrisean isn’t his #1 anymore, even when faced with fatherhood. Remember, he has other children with different women.

However, it seemed like Chrisyn had some sort of support system around her. However, her pregnancy was controversial… with many weighing in on how she carried herself during parts of it, including instances of her smoking a bun in the oven.

That’s all over now, and hopefully the baby will be healthy. congratulations!

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