CHSLD: A pilot project to synchronize private companies

The minister in charge of seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Place, announced on Thursday a pilot project to integrate residential and long-term care centers (public and private CHSLDs).

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Quebec’s approach aims to make the services provided across all CHSLTs comparable (PNC), including private companies not covered by the agreement.

Three sites were selected for this pilot project involving three private companies subject to contract eligibility criteria, particularly the quality of care and services, the adequacy of human and management resources and the compatibility of the buildings.

CHSLD PNC Cété Jardins and Jardins du Haut-Saint-Laurent in Quebec and Résidence du Bonheur in Laval have been selected.

“We provide the conditions necessary to provide the highest quality services throughout Quebec in a consistent manner.

“By acknowledging private CHSLDs the epidemic has come to shed light on the horrific situations we want to fix,” Ms Blaise said.

Expected start

In response to the Legalt government’s approach, Quebec’s Association of Private Long-Term Companies (AELDPQ) is promoting the expected start in establishing optimal conditions for the best quality of service for resident residents.

The association is surprised about the $ 300 million planned in 2019 for BNC CHSLTs and urges Quebec to take financial assistance measures for all companies, as it has already condemned the funding of BNC companies.

“We reiterate our request to participate in the optimal deployment of the process, which will eventually lead to an agreement”, AELDPQ stated).

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