Covit-19: Fifteen staff of the Quebec Federal Prison declare positive

At La Macaza federal prison, about 15 staff and four inmates were isolated after being tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Reform Service of Canada (CSC) announced this in a press release on Thursday. This represents a significant increase from the 17 cases reported a week ago. It follows in recent days the Nova Scotia Institution for Women and other explosions near the Campbellford, Ond at the Workworth Institution.

“The Covit-19 test facility is available to inmates and staff. In order to prevent it from spreading in the establishment, the employees should conduct a quick test and give a negative result before entering the site, ”the SCC assured.

Staff and inmates have been fitted with masks and cleaning and disinfection operations have been stepped up, the facility said.

As of Thursday, 88% of the inmates at La McCasso had been fully immunized and nearly 91% had received at least one dose. Five months ago, the CSC began offering booster doses of the vaccine to all prisoners in institutions and community reform centers across the country who received the second dose.

Since October 6, employees have been subject to mandatory vaccination orders.

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