Close Bethesda PC Launcher •

Close Bethesda PC Launcher •

But you can migrate your library and wallet to Steam.

Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda, retired its PC launcher in May.

Starting in April, you’ll be able to migrate your game library and pending wallet funds to Steam instead.

“Many games” that have been saved will also migrate, but not all. Some will require manual transfers. Bethesda said more information will be released next month when the immigration process becomes available.

For now, Bethesda has answered a few questions about how this all works via Help pagewhich states that any games in your library will be available to you for free via Steam.

Bethesda expects “nearly everything that has saved will be converted automatically or manually except for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which is not currently able to transfer”.

In-game currency balances, such as Atoms and Crowns, will be transferred.

But you can’t ask to be moved to another platform, Bethesda said.

Your existing Bethesda login will continue to be used in Bethesda games to access other items associated with your account such as mods and skins.

There’s no confirmed date yet for when the Bethesda launcher will be extinguished – other than in May.

Bethesda The next big game launch is StarfieldComing to PC and Xbox Series X/S in November. earlier this month, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he wants Starfield to be played by more people than Skyrimdespite the fact that it won’t be released for PlayStation.

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