April 16, 2024

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Cocaine smuggling allegation: DPCP registers fresh charges

Cocaine smuggling allegation: DPCP registers fresh charges

Sûreté du Québec (SQ) police officer Miguel Guenette-Grégoire, who was arrested last week and accused of smuggling cocaine, is still in trouble with the law.

When the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DPCP) agent returned to court, he announced that fresh charges would be filed against him. He appeared in court again as part of the acquittal hearing, in which Mr DBCP opposes

Pursuant to searches and criminal investigations by the Police Standards Department S.Q.Miguel Guenette-Grégoire now faces charges of possession of cocaine, methamphetamines and anabolic steroids for the purpose of trafficking.

Along with this there is an accusation of producing anabolic steroids.

Miguel Guenette-Grégoire is accused of fraudulently obtaining computer services, attempting to obstruct the course of justice by sharing information in an ongoing investigation and breach of trust in connection with the activities of his office. Finally, he is charged with operating a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public.