December 8, 2023

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PLQ and QS are calling for the suspension of Education Assistant Deputy Minister Marie-Dominique Taillon.

PLQ and QS are calling for the suspension of Education Assistant Deputy Minister Marie-Dominique Taillon.

The Liberal Party of Quebec and Quebec Solidaire on Tuesday called for the suspension of Education Ministry Assistant Deputy Minister Marie-Dominique Taillon, who is being investigated for her management style and her administration.

A report from Duty On Tuesday an independent agency revealed that the Center de Services Scholar (CSS) was investigating the tense work environment at Marie-Victorin. Conclusions When Dylan was general manager there, from 2018 to March 2022, he was at the center of the practice.

The investigation Duty And many other relativesme Taylan – including his wife – received key positions or promotions during his time as general manager of CSS Marie-Victor.

“However these are serious and worrying allegations,” responded Liberal MP Marwa Risky. He asked Education Minister Bernard Trinville to come out of his “immobility” and demand an inquiry from his ministry’s committees.

“It immediately orders an investigation and says that whoever claims the investigation should be suspended with pay for the duration of the investigation. [Mme Taillon] Risky.

In Quebec City, MP Rupa Ghajal also mme Taylon was suspended, and an independent agency hired by CSS is shedding light on the events.

“With everything that’s happening, everything I’ve read, it’s still unbelievable,” Unity MP Rupa Ghajal began on Tuesday.

His Parti Québécois colleague Pascal Perroupe, for his part, Dylan, at least, was “questioned” about his past decisions.

“Can he remain in office under the circumstances? he asked. “I don’t know, she’s never been convicted or charged with anything. But at least, can we, between now and the end of the proceedings, make special arrangements? »

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An omerta without space

Marie-Dominique Taylon was the Executive Director of CSS Marie-Victor from 2018 until March 2022, when the Council of Ministers appointed her Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education.

Report from Duty CSS is based on interviews with some fifteen managers and executives from Marie-Victor. They all condemn an ​​omerta, which Taillon, under penalty of vengeance.

“This is not normal. The omerta that reigns in schools has very detrimental effects on the working environment and consequently on the staff and students as well,” lamented a staunch Rupa Ghajal.

“Omerta is everywhere and must be condemned. Bill 23 [du ministre de l’Éducation, Bernard Drainville] Don’t answer that. Omerta will continue despite this structural reform, which should be addressed when it is a very serious issue,” he added.

In an interview, Pascal Berube described Mr. Trainville said he appointed. However, Taylor was elected by the Council of Ministers. “What is his reaction?”, asked about the current minister.

When asked about the report, Mr. Trainville declined to comment. “Mme “Tylon has had an opportunity to comment on the situation and we will not be making any further comment at this time,” wrote his press officer Florence Bloort. Duty.

The minister’s silence shook MP Risky. “He himself does not comment [la situation]. He himself hides from the press. For a former journalist, he’s a bad shoemaker. We expect an education minister who will act immediately and use all the levers in the law,” he asserted.

He sees a kind of contradiction in his reform, whereby the minister wants to give himself more powers. “He’s bringing in a bill with more powers, but the current powers, he’s not using them. This is what I don’t understand. Mysterious Mr. Trineville…”, she trailed off.

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