April 16, 2024

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Computer brothel: Quebec City lags behind in $100 million in annual savings

Computer brothel: Quebec City lags behind in $100 million in annual savings

Quebec has delayed moving Quebecers’ data to the Amazon and Microsoft clouds for two years, despite expected annual savings of $100 million, due to opposition to the change in government agencies.

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In 2019, Christian Dubey, the former head of the Treasury Board, and Eric Keir, the minister for digital transformation at the time, confirmed that “within three years” Quebecers would save $100 million annually by putting their information in the cloud. Amazon and Microsoft.

A decree was issued stating that consolidation of data centers should be completed by March 31, 2023. The project cost $155.9 million.

Three years later, while there are more than 120 agencies and departments, only five organizations have completed their digital transformation.

The Minister of Cybersecurity and Digital (MCN), Éric Caire, has repeatedly said for years that current data centers are obsolete and put Quebecers’ information at risk.

“The current situation in Quebec is dangerous (…) there are security breaches,” he said in April 2019, justifying the integration plan.

In total, Quebec wants to quickly dismantle the 457 computer processing centers where our data is hosted.

New order

But in June 2020, without fanfare and at the center of health restrictions linked to the pandemic, Quebec created a second decree to include health and education networks in the transition.

This increased the budget envelope from $155.9 million to $324.3 million.

This new amount includes the creation of the Quebec cloud, which contains 40% of the data, which is said to be highly sensitive.

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Quebec seized the opportunity to give all companies more time, and the initial deadline would not be respected. They have until December 31, 2025 to complete this digital transformation.

is difficult

CMN felt that change management and organizations need more time to do their work. Ditto for learning related to employee use of technology.

“Manpower shortage in the IT sector is impacting project delivery,” the ministry added.

According to reliable sources in our Parliamentary Office, many organizations that are very reluctant to change may not comply with the new mandate.

“Turnover and staff shortages are delaying implementation,” lamented a source close to the file.

“These are key changes to get everyone on board,” said Nathalie St-Pierre, spokeswoman for Minister Cairn.

Data center integration

57% Works will be carried out in collaboration with departments and organizations

42% in education

Only 11.4% of the health network

5 More than 120 companies have completed the transition

  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Office of Public Inquiry into the Environment
  • National Corporation of Mines
  • Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts of Quebec
  • Grand Theater Association of Quebec

Source: Ministry of Cyber ​​Security and Digital

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