April 15, 2024

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Municipal Election 2021: Wonderful result of the race

10 days before the election in Montreal, the spectacle takes the form of a bet, with the release of a poll that puts Valerie Blonde and Denise Koder shoulder to shoulder.

According to Leger-Le Journal-Montreal Gazette, The two main contenders for mayor of Montreal are still aligned with the intentions of 36% each, following which Balarama Holnes received 12%.

“This is fantastic,” agrees Jean-Marc Leger, president of Leger. We can study from all sides, from all sides, and it gives us the same result [que le sondage précédent]. ⁇

Last time before the 1995 referendum the pollster got such close results, where support for “yes” and “no” was 50.% each.

He said such decisions would “make candidates and voters” nervous. Leger believes. “When we say that every vote is important, there are elections where it is not true. Here it is played there. “

Holness night in Koder

Balarama Holnes, the leader of the Mouvement Montreal, is an “important factor” in the campaign, so Denise Koderre suffers, Mr. Leger explains.

“Without Holnes, Denise Coderre would win because she would get the votes of non-French speakers,” he said.

Holnes, which is proposing to translate Montreal into a bilingual city, is doing well on some Anglophones (14%) and Allophones (21%), which Mr.

Poll Denise Coderre seems to benefit from the fact that she is popular with older customers who vote more than young people.

The results of the 2017 election in the city of Montreal show that more than 53% of voters between the ages of 56 and 70 have voted, while only one in four young people between the ages of 18 and 25 has it.

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“The more young people vote, the more likely Valerie Blonde is to win,” he said. Leger summarizes that 18-34 year olds support him 42% in the poll.

Closes the gap

However, this was not presented to the chairman of Montreal’s board, as the outgoing mayor and chairman of Project Montreal said during the first survey last May that Mr. Kodare came back after a 12-point delay to blame.

According to Leger, these factors override each other, making it very difficult to predict the winner at this point.

Valerie Blonde has a clear advantage in most of the central districts, while Denise Godrej dominates when one of the outlying districts leaves. For example, the leader of the group Montreal gets 52% of the vote in the East of Montreal.

Environment vs Economy

“There are actually two worlds that collide with two different realities,” Mr. Leger thinks.

Voters who prioritize housing and the environment support Valérie Plante with 58% and 45%, respectively, while those with heart for economic recovery and municipal taxes support Denis Coderre 38% and 32%, respectively.

Mr. According to Holnes, he receives strong support from those who prefer bilingual status (33%) and prioritizes diversity and ethnic profile (31%) management.

Objectives of municipal voting

Question: If there were a municipal election in Montreal today, who would you vote for?

Valerie Blonde (Montreal Project): 36%

Municipal Election 2021: Wonderful result of the race

Photo by QMI Agency, Joel Lemme

Denise Coder (Montreal together): 36%

Balarama is sacred (Montreal Movement): 12%

Municipal Election 2021: Wonderful result of the race

Photo by QMI Agency, Mario Purecord

Other Candidate: 6%

Ignore: 9%

Holness separates Anglophone and Allophone voters

Francophone Anglophone
Valerie Blonde (Montreal Project) 48% 28%
Denise Coder (Montreal together) 36% 38%
Balarama is sacred (Montreal Movement) 5% 14%

Young people in Blondie, older people with coderre

18-34 35-54 55+
Valerie Blonde (Montreal Project) 42% 30% 38%
Denise Coder (Montreal together) 28% 41% 39%
Balarama is sacred (Montreal Movement) 13% 15% 9%

Method: The online survey was conducted from October 21 to 26 in Montreal among 600 residents aged 18 and over who are eligible to vote.

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