Congestion in Montreal: “I’m very worried about the coming weekend”

Congestion in Montreal: “I’m very worried about the coming weekend”

After last weekend’s problems and the response from the Ministry of Transport, Robert Boetti is not optimistic that the situation on the borough’s roads will improve this weekend.

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“I am very worried about the coming weekend,” the former transport minister said on the “Le Bilan” program.

The latter says he is not reassured by the department’s reaction to last weekend’s problems.

” Speaker unusual The next day, the man from the Ministry of Transport, in his basement in front of the broken wall, told us that he might be dressed to go to the sugar shack – he had to work there – above Mr. Poiti.

He believes the Ministry of Transport should have acted more proactively to prevent a repeat of last weekend’s situation.

The spokesman – which was the worst I’ve ever heard in my life – said: We’re going to do it this week. He should have been on the job already,” says Robert Boyadi.

The former transport minister finds it difficult to understand the mismanagement of an important ministry that directly affects citizens.

According to him, the Transport Minister, Genevieve Guilbault, is too busy in her role as Deputy Prime Minister to focus on the file. The same goes for Pierre Fitzgibbon, the minister responsible for the borough, who also oversees regional economic development and is the economy minister.

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Robert Boedy thinks it needs someone who better understands Montreal’s reality and can devote more time to this file.

“When I was minister in Montreal, every time something happened, I called Denis Coder and I said: Ail Denis, come on. We have a problem in Ville-Marie, we have a problem in a place like this. There is something important. We are there. We were on our way,” says the former transport minister

“I think there’s a lack of knowledge about the strategy we need to adopt in the urban environment, and the reality is that stakeholders don’t talk much to each other,” he adds.

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.

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