Consequences of the murder of a woman thrown in the trash

14 Personal effects of the victime Femicide of the Year, including a bloody mattress, was thrown into the streets of Montreal.

The items belonged to Rajinder Prabneet Kaur and her husband Navdeep Godhra, who were brutally murdered on July 19 in the bedroom of their apartment in Ru Birnam in the Park-Extension district.

Save money

According to our information, the conservator of their old building just got the owner’s order to throw the garbage in the street because it is the most economical way.

Of course there were products out there for at least a day for everyone to see.

Further, the witnesses confirmed Magazine The children saw the mattress soaked in the victim’s blood.

This huge waste was picked up by the metropolis on Monday evening, which was warned by a publication posted on Facebook.

“This is nonsense, there is no point in doing something like that,” Giuliana Fumagalli, mayor of Ville County, met at the scene of the incident at St-Michael-Park-Extension. Newspaper.

Mayor Fumagalli also pointed out that an investigation will be conducted to understand how all the personal consequences could have ended without further concern on the side of the road.

Worst murder

Navdeep Godhra, 30, took his own life after killing his 32-year-old accomplice.

His body was found in the Riviere des Prairie a few days after the tragedy.

Godhra, who is no longer allowed to approach his wife following a court order, is said to have invited his family members to India within minutes of the crime.

Through video conferencing, he showed them his injuries.

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The couple had two young children.

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