Convoy of motorcycles in Ottawa: not the second industry in sight

Convoy of motorcycles in Ottawa: not the second industry in sight

Nearly three days after the protests, the “Rolling Thunder” biker convoy begins to leave Ottawa, avoiding a second occupation of its downtown area.

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As the weekend approached, the motorbike convoy hosted the “Biker Mass” on Sunday. The event, scheduled for last weekend, gathered hundreds of people at the Vanier Church in Ottawa.

A few hours ago, the church was the target of horrific pranks. The Ottawa Police Service said in a tweet that “a pro-hate crime unit investigation is underway.”

Overall, the weekend was less of an event than the Independence Series: it invaded the streets of Ottawa for almost three weeks. However, sometimes the police were called. In total, 10 people were arrested, 761 parking tickets, 39 vehicles were towed, and 10 tickets were for harassment offenses.

“The situation was much better for our residents and our small business this weekend than the convoy of trucks in February, but it’s still worrying,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told CTV News Sunday afternoon. The latter used the opportunity to highlight the work of the police.

Although the “Rolling Thunder” event ended with the mass on Sunday, police were on the scene to avoid overflowing.

“Like last time, we’m going to say our operation will not end until everyone leaves our area,” said Ottawa Police Chief Executive Steve Bell. , Told CTV News on Saturday night.

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