Vaccination Competition: More than 360,000 Quebecs have already been registered

Despite some technical hiccups, Already more than 360,000 Quebecs have succeeded in registering for the vaccination competition organized by the Lotto-Quebec and the Ministry of Health to encourage people to be vaccinated.

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On Sunday alone, less than 300,000 entries were made on the Internet portal, which allows Quebecs to obtain evidence of vaccination, in addition to registering for the competition. Won to get vaccinated.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, 65,548 additional registrations had been made. Twenty-four hours after the registration opened, a warning of difficulties caused by heavy traffic was still posted on the portal.

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“The competition registration site was visited twenty times more than usual. We know there have been breaks at the site. We look forward to continuing to improve our organization, ”said Robert Maranda, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

Considers a “failure”, PQ

PQ health spokesman Joel Arseno fears the whole move could be a major “sword in the water”, while we see the vaccine stagnating among young people.

“This confirms the failure of this marketing exercise, which is not the way to go to achieve the goal of vaccination rates,” said Els-de-La-Madeleine vice president, who urged the government to put forward vaccine-inducing efforts.

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His opinion was echoed by his Liberal representative MP. Shared by Mary Montbit. “The COVID-19 Coquist lottery will encourage people to get vaccinated. However, since it was announced, the promised results have not been achieved,” he lamented.

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An official opposition spokesman for Health believes that “the money invested could have been used more decisively for patients and health workers.”

Legold needs extra effort

The full vaccination rate, which exceeded 60% on Mondays 12 and over, is now 36% among those aged 18 to 29.

In a message posted on social media, Prime Minister Franois Legald called on the Quebecans to work harder to achieve the goal of 75% vaccine coverage by August 31 with two levels.

Keep in mind that the vaccine competition offers Quebecs 18 years and older a chance to win one of four prizes of $ 150,000, even if they have received at least one dose. Draws take place every Friday in August. A $ 1 million big draw will be made on Sept. 3 for those receiving two doses of the vaccine.

Vaccinated people have until August 5, 11:59 a.m. to register for the first draw.

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