Covit-19: 9,206 new cases in Quebec

Covit-19: 9,206 new cases in Quebec

9,206 new COVID-19 cases and four additional deaths in Quebec have been linked to the virus for Christmas Day.

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458 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19 infection, which is 31 less than the previous day.

Nearly 89 people are in intensive care, down four since Friday.

The day after the government announced an immediate shutdown to control the spread of the virus, Nunavut announced 10 more infections on Saturday.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19 in many communities over the past week, we need to put in place stricter public health regulations across the country,” an administrator, Dr Patterson, said Friday. Nunavut Chief Public Health Officer (CPHA).

All essential businesses are closed, while indoor meetings are prohibited. Anyone entering the country without a three-dose vaccine must be self-isolated for 14 days.

Situation in Canada

  • Ontario: 676,924 cases (10,146 deaths)
  • Quebec: 530,332 cases (11,664 deaths)
  • Alberta: 346,705 cases (3,299 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 235,658 cases (2,414 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 82,640 cases (945 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 73,573 cases (1,370 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 13,741 cases (111 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 11,587 cases (152 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 2,512 cases (18 deaths)
  • Northwest Territories: 2,090 cases (12 deaths)
  • Yukon: 1,668 cases (14 deaths)
  • Nunavut: 691 cases (4 deaths)
  • Prince Edward Island: 621 cases
  • Returnees to Canada: 13 cases
  • Total: 1,978,755 cases (30,149 deaths)

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