CPE | Quebec is now increasing the salaries of educators

(Quebec) Childcare Center educators now earn between 12% and 17% more. As the strike continues, without waiting for the negotiations to end, the Legal government is offering them a “first pay bonus” from October 14. A very rare gesture in the midst of negotiations to renew collective agreements.

Tommy C. Nord

Tommy C. Nord

Quebec has been implementing the wage parameters of the concession offered to the unions in July, which will soon be generous. Quebec presents its announcement as a “temporary measure” aimed at reducing the outflow of academics and attracting more before signing the next employment contract. According to him, “urgent action is needed to fix this problem”.

The pay rise was announced by Treasury Board chairperson Sonia Lebel and family minister Mathieu Lacombe at a news conference in Quebec on Thursday. The cost of the operation is about $ 11 million per month.

According to the salary parameters submitted by the government and implemented immediately, educators receive a 6% pay rise offered to all state employees; Those who qualify receive 6% more. Academics who extend their work week to 40 hours receive an additional 5% bonus.

For a qualified educator who holds the work week within 40 hours, the pay rises to $ 21.38 per hour in the first phase and $ 28.31 in the tenth and final step. If we extend 40 hours in a week, we are talking about $ 22.27 in the first step and $ 29.20 in the last step.

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An educator has so far earned $ 19 an hour in the first position and $ 25.18 in the last.

Quebec expects academics to see a difference in their pay in mid-November, but the increase will continue until October 14.

CSN members leave childcare centers on Thursdays and Fridays after a two-day cycle strike by CSQ educators.

The Legalt government will soon offer a new pay offer to educators.

Quebec will increase its assistance to subsidized day care centers, thereby increasing the salaries of their educators equally.

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