Cracker Barrel Makes Up The Vegan Sausage That Sausage Says ‘Woke Up’

Cracker Barrel Makes Up The Vegan Sausage That Sausage Says 'Woke Up'
Monday , A series posted on Facebook About vegan sausage Who Made Impossible Food That Cracker Barrel added it to their breakfast menus earlier this summer. The post sparked strong reactions from its followers, with many complaining that Cracker Barrel should not offer the meat substitute.

“I just lost the respect of a great company in Tennessee one day,” one person commented. Another comment said, “Won’t happen! Cracker Barrel was so good we were looking forward to eating in them but not anymore”, while another wrote “Bad choice.” Others expressed doubts that the product tasted good. Several commentators have decried the addition of “wake up” to the list.

However, the reactions were not all negative, with many people thanking the chain for this option. One person wrote, “I couldn’t even tell the difference. I think it’s great for people who can’t eat meat for whatever reason.”

In a statement to CNN Business, Cracker Barrel said he is “always exploring opportunities to expand how our guests experience breakfast and offer options to satisfy every palate—whether people want to stick to traditional favorites like bacon and sausage or are hungry for a new first.”, Nutritious vegetarian options are like impossible sausage.”

On Thursday, Cracker Barrel responded to the controversy on Instagram, posting a photo with vegan sausage and pork sausage together. “Where lovers of pork and vegan sausages can eat breakfast all day in harmony” The caption reads. roadside competitor McDonald’s (MCD) Skip breakfast all day.
Added Impossible Sausage Cracker Barrel to menus As part of a broader change to its offerings. The chain said this was “the first plant-based protein at a time when consumers are more than ever looking for better plant-based options.”
Eaters gravitate to alternative, major chain meats, such as Dunkin’ and burger kingand add them to their lists.

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